Tax Planning

At Bajwa CPA, we are knowledgeable about the complexities of the Canadian Tax System. Our experienced team of tax professionals can develop customized tax planning strategies, both corporate and personal, that will assure your company’s future success, improve your cash flow, and increase your personal wealth.

We provide tax planning in the form of tax avoidance. Tax planning is a legal method of tax avoidance and our tax firm can guide you through the tax laws, recommending deductions that will help our clients pay the lowest tax possible. We work with you on a one-on-one basis and recommend the best possible tax planning advise to minimize taxes for individuals, business owners, and investors. It is important for tax planning to be done in the beginning of the fiscal year and not at the time of filing annual taxes as there are practices that could help reduce your tax burden at year end to keep more money in your pocket.

Some of our Tax Planning services include:

Corporate Tax Planning
Personal Tax Planning
Non Resident Tax Planning
Real Estate Tax Planning
Preparation of Tax Opinions

Some examples of tax planning strategies include utilization of Personal Tax deductions and credits, investment portfolio review of Capital Gains and Losses, Salary vs. Dividends advice to Corporate Shareholders, advice on Shareholder Loans and advances, and more. Take advantage of these strategies today!

At Bajwa CPA, we take the time to learn about and understand each client’s business or situation to ensure that we truly meet their needs and provide outstanding professional services. Our goal is to deliver our services in an easy-to-understand manner that is both timely and reliable. For professional services, call us today to book an appointment for consultation to discuss any of your accounting and taxation needs.

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We wanted individuals, corporations, entrepreneurs, and anyone in between in the GTA to feel like their tax and accounting experts valued their time, money, and desire to live financially secure. We provide personalized solutions for a wide range of accounting needs.

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