Personal Tax Return

Our tax firm is committed to providing high quality personal tax return preparation services (T1 General). We are highly experienced to handle wide variety of personal tax returns. Canadian tax rules are always changing and it takes skilled professional services to stay proficient. We provide fast and accurate services to help you save more of your income. If you are earning employment, interest, rental, employment insurance or self employment income, we can assist you in filing your tax return accurately and on time.

Though it may seem like it is simple enough to do taxes on your own, it’s not worth risking a mistake that could cost you. Let us help with your return so you can avoid paying adjustment returns, paying penalties, or missing out on a refund. Let us, the tax professionals, help you with filing your personal tax returns accurately and on time.

We are very proficient in providing personal and business tax planning to our clients by introducing tax minimization strategies.

Examples of our personal tax return services are:

Income from Employment (T4 Slips)
Investment Income
Limited Partnerships
Rental Income
Professional Income
Commission Income
Business Income / Unincorporated Businesses
EI / Old age / Social security benefit income
Adjustment / Amendments to T1 Tax Returns
Filing Objections & Appeals with CRA
Allowable Employee Expenses
Departure Tax Returns
New Immigrant Tax Returns
Deceased Tax Returns

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At Bajwa CPA, we take the time to learn about and understand each client’s business or personal situation to ensure that we truly meet their needs and provide outstanding professional services. Our goal is to deliver our services in an easy-to-understand manner that is both timely and reliable. For professional services, call us today to book an appointment or to discuss any of your accounting and taxation needs.

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We wanted individuals, corporations, entrepreneurs, and anyone in between in the GTA to feel like their tax and accounting experts valued their time, money, and desire to live financially secure. We provide personalized solutions for a wide range of accounting needs.

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