Financial Statements

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

Accurate preparation of financial statements is vital for corporations and businesses as there are users who have a vested interest in your financial statements. Financial institutions, and the federal and provincial governments rely upon the financial information that has been prepared for your business. It is extremely important that the financial statements are prepared following sound accounting principles in order to file accurate tax returns, adhere to bank or lender restrictive covenants, apply external financing (NTR), prepare government filings such as payroll in a timely manner, prepare HST or tax returns, and prepare budgets, forecasts, and projections reports for your company. Our tax and accounting firm will ensure that your financial statements are accurate and classified in accordance with GAAP principles.

Notice to Reader (Compilations) Engagement

In a Notice to Reader, the financial statement is compiled from information provided by management or owner. In this report we will be acting as Management Accountants and not as auditors. There is no attempt to audit, review or verify the accuracy or completeness of information. There is a disclaimer indicating that the report may not be appropriate for other purposes. Every page has “Unaudited – see Notice to Reader”.

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