CPA Service Toronto

Tax season can be stressful if you are facing tax preparation without a top quality chartered professional accountant. If your business is located in Toronto, you can avoid that stress by hiring the services of the Bajwa CPA Service Toronto. If your Toronto business regularly does business, you simply won’t find a better tax accounting firm than Bajwa CPA. Our primary tax accountant is fully versed in all Toronto business and personal tax laws and specializes in cross border tax preparation and accounting. Whether you do business in the Toronto, have employees who work in the Toronto, or you are a Toronto resident running a business in Toronto, our chartered professional accountant services will ensure that you remain fully tax compliant without hassle.

CPA Service Toronto


Bajwa CPA is a premier provider of tax accounting services in the Toronto area.  Our goal is to provide superior service to our clients by building trust and strong relationships. We pride ourselves on excellent customer services and providing solutions to complicated tax and accounting issues. Tax minimization is our strategy at Bajwa CPA. We believe that all Toronto businesses should reap the benefits of every possible legal tax deduction and discount that the laws allow. Our professional public accountants will provide full-service tax preparation and filing services that will ensure that your business has the lowest tax burden possible within the law.

CPA Service Toronto

Our strategy for tax minimization doesn’t just take place during tax preparation season. It is a year round strategy that helps your business take advantage of every possible deduction throughout the year and ensures that your business avoids penalties by remaining tax compliant throughout the year. The chartered professional accountants at Bajwa CPA stay up to date with all tax law changes as they are made so that your business never gets caught unaware by changes in the law and so that your tax documents are always prepared correctly.

Accounting and Bookkeeping and Payroll

To help you meet the demands of your business, Bajwa CPA offers bookkeeping services to aid you in keeping your records organized, as well as compliant with the government. We can prepare financial statements and plan and prepare your taxes

On the payroll side of things, we understand that it is a necessary task for many business owners, but can also be tricky and time-consuming. Let us handle your payroll so you can concentrate on the core of your business.

Business Start Ups

Starting a business venture? Have someone crunch your numbers and get it off the ground in the right direction.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting, also known as online accounting, is accounting done online. Instead of using software, cloud accounting is done on servers. All your data is stored on the server (aka the cloud). We have vast experience in this field and can assure your complete satisfaction.

Personal & Corporate Tax Returns (Planning & Preparation)

Stay tax compliant every tax season by having Bajwa CPA plan and prepare your tax return. By having a professional manage your taxes you won’t miss out on any opportunities to claim more.

Operational Business Analysis

(Check-up business and make recommendations and solutions – cost model analysis). This service is like getting a check-up from your doctor to ensure your general health. Instead of telling you to eat healthier, Bajwa CPA will make recommendations regarding spending habits and areas that can be improved.

Financial Statements

Keep track of your business finances with prepared financial statements from Bajwa CPA. Your statements may include a balance sheet, an income statement, a cash flow statement and a statement regarding equity.

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