Real Estate Tax Returns

Whether you are an investor in real estate for earning a rental income or a real estate flipper who buys and sells real estate frequently to earn profit counted as capital gains, we can efficiently file your real estate tax returns and help you save by introducing tax minimization strategies. Real estate could be owned two ways – individually or under the corporation. We are well experienced in dealing with both kinds of situations.

We prepare a statement of Rental Income ( T776 ), Capital Gains Schedules for Properties sold. We can do efficient tax planning for real estate investors whether owned individually or under a corporation. There are many kinds of situations and ever-changing tax laws when it comes to real estate investing. Real estate industry is under constant scrutiny by CRA and therefore, in order to save taxes on real estate income, it is very important to consult experienced tax professionals. Let us take care of all your real estate matters from filing taxes, preparing financial statements for tax planning.

At Bajwa CPA, We take the time to learn about and understand each client’s business or situation to ensure that we truly meet their needs and provide outstanding professional services. Our goal is to deliver our services in an easy-to-understand manner that is both timely and reliable. For professional services, Call us today to book an appointment for a consultation to discuss any of your accounting and taxation needs. 

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