Incorporation And Business Registration

We are very experienced in providing Incorporation - Federal & Provincial and Business registration services for business corporations, professional corporations, non for profit corporations, NUANS name search & Business Name Registration Services - registration of sole proprietorship / general partnership. Our Services include:

  • Conducting preliminary name searches & obtaining NUANS name search reports
  • Preparing Articles of Incorporation
  • Drafting share conditions ( as appropriate)
  • Preparing organizational board & shareholder resolutions and related corporate documents to issue shares
  • Elect directors appoint officers
  • Enact the general operating by-law and borrowing by-law
  • Select the financial year end
  • Complete minute book registers and ledgers; and assemble the minute book for delivery to you 
We can handle all of your incorporation and business registrations needs in the regions of Ontario and Canada.
At Bajwa CPA, We take the time to learn about and understand each client's business or situation to ensure that we truly meet their needs and provide outstanding professional services. Our goal is to deliver our services in an easy-to-understand manner that is both timely and reliable. For professional services, Call us today to book an appointment for consultation to discuss any of your accounting and taxation needs.